Vocational programmes include:

Motor Vehicle, Catering, Sports, Horticulture and  Personal Development / Employability programmes and Level 1 Construction.


Bespoke specialist programmes - designed and tailored to individual needs. We are the only provider to offer industry recognised programmes around cars and motorcycles. We welcome individuals who may suffer from emotional or behavioural difficulties and need extra support and guidance to achieve their goals and ambitions.


Foundation learning for young people - will help them prepare for work or further training. We fully support young people with previous negative experiences within the education system. MPH training intends to remove the barriers to learning, build confidence and help learners further develop literacy, numeracy and interpersonal skills.


Services for young people excluded or at risk or exclusion from school - offering activities designed to rekindle their interest in learning and return to school or training.


Services for young people at risk of offending, offenders or ex-offenders - enabling them to make a realistic career choice, prepare them for training or employment and reduce the risk of them re offending, MPH Training will support people to overcome barriers they may be facing and build on their self-esteem. Individuals will be taught new skills; work experiences and improve access to information in order to progress into further education, employment or training.               


Mentoring 1 - 1 support 14 - 16 Years:


Supporting young people break down barriers to learning young people will get access to one to one tuition working on personal development, Maths and English. Interactive sessions such as boxing, cooking and gardening. Work placement opportunities included. 



Our Lecturers